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1.  Tricky Dick, Jack Ruby and Prescott Bush hatting up for cruise to Cuba?


In the document below, Tricky requests government investigators not to call Ruby. "This is sensitive".


2.  George Herbert Walker Bush does not remember his whereabouts when JFK was shot.

3. Roger Stone also writes that Richard Nixon and (Lyndon B.) Johnson had a

documented relationship with Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald's killer, years

before he shot Oswald in the basement of Dallas police headquarters in 1963. He claims that Johnson, a congressman at the time, instructed Richard Nixon, also

a congressman at the time, to hire Ruby onto the House of Representatives

payroll in 1947. (Ruby was then a paid FBI informant.--DP) Stone claims Johnson micro-managed'Kennedy's Dallas motorcade, demanding it pass through Dealy Plaza.

4. Within an hour of Oswald’s arrest for killing JFK, DRE leaders in Miami called reporters to say the president had been killed by a communist. The group’s information about Oswald helped generate headlines nationwide about “the pro-Castro gunman.”  (I believe with many others that Oswald was never a communist and that his "support of Castro" was a part of an image being constructed by the conspirators. --DP)

 5. Morris Jaffe  The owner of record of the Dal-Tex Building at the time of the assassination was indeed a very interesting fellow who bears further investigation. Jaffe succeeded Billie Sol Estes in Estes’ empire, buying it for a song. He also was the person who delivered money to Lyndon Johnson to insure Johnson’s being on the 1960 ticket with John Kennedy.

6. Emergency Ambulance calls to Elm and Houston An ambulance driver states that for a few days before and on the day of the shooting there were bogus emergency calls close to the TSBD.

7. Notorious General Lansdale at Dealey Plaza He had retired October 1963. What was he doing in Dallas? In the photo below he has been identified by two witnesses as the man walking past the three "hoboes".

8. Three men arrested but nobody took their names In the photo above the cops are taking three men away for questioning. Dallas law enforcement says nobody bothered to take their names before releasing them. The first of the three appears to be Charles Harrellson who has now claimed to be one of the assassins.

9. Keys to the TSBD, after-hours? General Byrd, of course, was the owner of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas...Byrd also ran the Texas and Louisiana Civil Air Patrol, at the same time cadets Barry Seal and Lee Harvey Oswald were meeting Kennedy assassination conspirator Capt. David Ferrie at a two-week summer camp of the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol at Barksdale Air Force Base in July of 1955.

10. Former FBI agent Don Adams fingers Joseph Adams Milteer as a main
conspirator--and JAM was photographed in
Dealey Plaza.

11. Doctors and Staff at Parkland Hospital (and others at Bethesda) state that JFK had wounds from the front. The government claims there were no wounds from the front, that all shots were fired from the back.

12. Lee Harvey Oswald had two different identification cards. One with the name Oswald and the other with the surname Hidell.

13. Law Enforcement Professionals not at their best that day.

Dallas lawmen never sealed off the crime scenes.

Fort Worth Secret Service Mike Howard put a gun to the head of a suspect to make him talk. The man was innocent but Howard called the man's wife to tell her that her husband was cheating on her with a whore.

Dallas' famous Capt. Fritz takes Oswald's friend Buell Wesly Frazier into custody for questioning. Fritz walks in with a written confession for Buell to sign and threatens to paste him if he doesn't sign it. Buell says you'll never hit me and Fritz backs down. Fritz makes Buell and his sister stay at the police station for hours.

Without a search warrant Dallas policemen invade the home of Ruth Paine and Marina Oswald. They stole any and every thing they wanted.

Dallas lawmen claimed to have made no notes or records of Oswald's questioning and they would not lie. Right? Well, I suppose these following notes must all be false: THE LAST WORDS OF LEE HARVEY OSWALD Compiled by Mae Brussell

Dallas authorities ignored Oswald's request for a lawyer before and during questioning.

The police line-up was contrived to show that Oswald was the suspect.

Dallas lawmen detained and questioned many people--including known assassins--on the day of the shooting. Records were not kept.

Why was a U.S. Postal inspector part of the Oswald investigation at the Dallas jail?

The Dallas police illegally permitted the body of JFK to be removed from Dallas. Federal authorities had absolutely no jurisdiction. The autopsy was by Texas law to be performed in Texas and the crime investigated by Texas authorities. You might say that Texas dodged that bullet of responsibility.

Colonel Morgan of the Louisiana State Police phoned Captain Will Fritz of the Dallas Police to tell him about Cheramie’s prediction of the assassination, the confirmed parts of her story, and that the Chief of Customs in Houston was holding her for further questioning. When Morgan had hung up from his conversation with Fritz, he turned to the other officers in the room and said “They don’t want her – they’re not interested”. By that time, Oswald had been captured and the Dallas Police wanted no further witnesses.
     The Chief Customs Agent called the FBI to pass on the information received from Cheramie, but was told they did not want to question her.
     As Cheramie’s story was being confirmed, she also told Fruge that she used to work for Jack Ruby as a nightclub stripper and, because of that employment, she knew Lee Harvey Oswald, saying the two men “had been shacking up for years”.  Much more to this fascintating story:

Dallas cop Joe Cody says he was a friend of Jack Ruby and bought a pistol for him--even though Ruby had a criminal record. Of course the pistol was later used to kill LHO. Cody was one of the many Dallas lawmen who were in on the "questioning" of LHO before he was shot. Interview with Cody begins at about 4 minutes 50 seconds:

14. Bus from TSBD
The official record of Oswald leaving the TSBD and going to his rented room finds the only other passenger on the bus with him was his ex-landlady. She described his behavior as not normal.

15. Mary Lewis has an odd New Orleans/Oswald/mob story. Oswald's New Orleans' pro-Castro office was the same as the violently anti-Castro and ex-FBI agent Guy Bannister.

16. Oswald was in two different places at the same time. Silvia Odio says that three men known as anti-Castro operatives came from New Orleans to Texas and visited her at the same time that Oswald was--according to the CIA--in Mexico at the Cuban Embassy. She says that one of the three men was Lee Harvey Oswald.

17. SS men on Grassy Knoll immediately after JFK was shot.
One of the men was stopped by a cop but showed his SS booklet and was let go. The SS vows that there were never any SS agents on the Grassy Knoll.
      JFK's SS limo drivers did nothing when the first shot was fired--in fact the limo may have come to a stop, which gave the shooters time for their best shots.
     In contrast, LBJ's SS men behaved according to their training.
     Against all regulations the entire SS cadre of agents was hung-over from the
previous night's partying in Fort Worth.

18. A New Zealand newspaper published a story about the JFK killing and with much detail about Oswald--almost before Oswald had been identified and charged in Dallas.

19. Unusual Sixth Floor repairs. The morning of the shooting there were a lot of unidentified workers repairing the floor where LHO supposedly had his sniper nest. You don't suppose the work crew could have been a cover for...

20. But the FBI proved remarkably incurious about the Dallas Minutemen

In January 1964, Rep. Henry Gonzalez, Democrat from San Antonio, wrote to the Warren Commission urging that the Minutemen be investigated in connection with the Kennedy assassination. Gonzalez noted that in March 1963, a Minuteman publication, "On Target," had identified 20 liberal congressmen as "traitors," warning them that "even now the crosshairs are on the back of your necks."
     But the FBI proved remarkably incurious about one clue that led straight to the Minutemen. After the assassination, the FBI contacted all gun shops in the Dallas-Irving area, and found that only two had carried the type of Mannlicher Carcano 6.5 millimeter ammunition believed to have struck President Kennedy. Of these, only one gun dealer had reloaded bullets with the same kind of hunting load used in the shooting of the president. This dealer was John Masen.

21. LBJ demands Dallas doctors get a LHO confession
"This is President Lyndon Johnson. How is the accused assassin?...I want a deathbed confession. There's a man in the operating room who will take the statement. I will expect full cooperation in this matter". There was, in fact, a large unknown man in scrubs standing in the operating room with a gun in his back pocket. Soon afterward, Oswald's heart failed and Dr. Crenshaw told the man with the gun "There won't be any deathbed confession today". The man disappeared as silently as he had arrived and was never seen again...

22. Ruby's great fear After his arrest, Ruby asked Dallas attorney Tom Howard to represent him. Howard accepted and asked Ruby if he could think of anything that might damage his defense. Ruby responded that there would be a problem if a man by the name of "Davis" should come up. Ruby told his attorney that he "…had been involved with Davis, who was a gunrunner entangled in anti-Castro efforts." Davis was identified years later—after research by journalist Seth Kantor—as being Thomas Eli Davis III, a CIA-connected "soldier of fortune."

23. Mac Wallace fingerprint was found on the sixth floor.
McClellan charges that Lyndon B. Johnson and his attorney Clark were involved in the planning and cover-up of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. McClellan names Malcolm Wallace as one of the assassins.

24. An FBI informant named Lee stops a JFK hit in Chicago
On 30 October 1963 the Chicago office of the US Secret Service, in the midst of security preparations for the event, received a phone call from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, D.C. warning of a four-man conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy. The suspects were right-wing paramilitaries armed with rifles and telescopic sights, expected to attempt the assassination at a Northwest Expressway overpass. Abraham Bolden, a Chicago Secret Service agent at the time, later said that four photographs were shown to staff, and at least two names provided--Gonzales and Rodriguez.The information was provided by an FBI informant named "Lee". Bolden also said later that the head of the Chicago office, Martineau, relaying instructions from Service chief James Rowley, insisted that no reports be written, no case number assigned, and no telexes sent to the Service's head office--only Martineau would communicate with Rowley, by telephone.

25. SS destroys documents The Assassination Records Review Board wrote in its 1998 Final Report that "in January 1995, the Secret Service destroyed presidential protection survey reports for some of President Kennedy's trips in the fall of 1963. The Review Board learned of the destruction approximately one week after the Secret Service destroyed them, when the Board was drafting its request for additional information. The Board believed that the Secret Service files on the President's travel in the weeks preceding his murder would be relevant."

26. The Oswald diary: a fake written in two days
Oswald had disappeared in the Soviet Union for more than a year, without yielding a trace of what, if any, training and indoctrination he had undergone. The only record of this missing year was a "diary" he brought out with him, which had in fact been written in two days presumably to provide him with a consistent cover story or legend.

27. An Air Force sarge hitches a ride on a CIA plane that also picks up a LHO clone and takes them to New Mexico 

28. Two Bros: Charles Cabell CIA and Earle Cabell, Dallas Mayor
Charles Cabell, who was Deputy Director of Central Intelligence until he resigned in the wake of the Bay of Pigs invasion... (You can be sure that Charles hated JFK.--DP)

29. Photographs show that LBJ knew the shooting was about to begin. Before the first shot was fired LBJ had prudently cringed down as low as he could in his limo's back seat.

30. Same Kind of Assassination Plot Foiled Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden watched apprehensively the compartmentalization of the super-secret Chicago report and added this to his previous concerns about poor Secret Service protection for the President. On November 17, Bolden was suddenly ordered to report to Washington DC where the IRS offered him an undercover position for an investigation of Congressional aides, which required that his old identity be entirely erased, even to his birth certificate, and that he turn in his Secret Service credentials. He declined. When he returned to Chicago, he was filled with apprehension that Kennedy was going to be killed. His fears were proven true just five days later.
     When he raised the possible connection between the November 2 Chicago plot and the Dallas assassination to his fellow Secret Service agents in Chicago, to which most of them agreed, Martineau shut down the discussion and told his staff that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman, that there was no connection to Chicago, and that they should forget November 2nd.

     In January 1964, the Secret Service took the extraordinary step of ordering all its agents to turn in their identification booklets for replacement. Bolden suspected that this was because Secret Service credentials had been used in the Kennedy assassination, which proved later to be true.
... The plot that Bolden recognized since November 2, 1963, was stymied in Chicago by two whistle-blowers, Lieutenant Moyland and the anonymous "Lee". But the burying of the November 2 Secret Service report, the silencing of Moyland, and the arrest and imprisonment of Bolden on false charges, made certain that the identical Dallas plan would succeed and be successfully covered up.


31. Ruth Paine came from a family well-known to the intelligence community. She was not the run-of-the-mill Quaker housewife she pretended to be. Ruth Paine was asked that if her father, sister and brother-in-law worked for the CIA, what about her? She said this was "guilt by association."
All about the people around her and the CIA:;wap2

32. Power Down at TSBD! Does it seem odd to you that the electrical power and telephone service were out of commission at the time of the assassination? At least three employees testified to the fact. Who dunnit? Mr. Truly the building manager? Hmmmm...


more to come. --DP 16 Feb 2014