The God of Coincidence Dwelleth in the Temple of Dallas
This growing list of people and their mixed backgrounds defies comprehension-- all coming together on or about the date of the assassination to do their business in Big D.

Bush, George Says he departed Dallas the morning of the 22nd but can’t remember his location when he heard of the assassination.
Nixon, Richard Says he left Dallas the night before the shooting, has three different versions how he heard of the assassination.
Plumlee, Robert “Tosh” CIA-Mafia pilot claims he was sent with a team to stop the assassination at the Grassy Knoll. He ties LHO and Roscoe White to various Mafiosos.
Meleteer, Joseph Several law enforcers knew that he had plotted to kill JFK in Miami

The party-goers at the Clint Murchison mansion in Dallas 21 November, compiled by Madeline Duncan Brown LBJ's mystress who had his son 

1. LBJ
2. George W. Owens
3. Joe Campisi
4. Clint Murchison
5. Jack Ruby
6. Shirley a call girl
7. John J. McCloy
8. Hoover and Tolson
9. Charles Cabell spelling?
10. Nixon
11. H.L. Hunt (the world’s richest man)
12. John Currington
13. George Brown (Brown & Root, became Haliburton)
14. Amon Carter Jr
15. Earl Cabell mayor
16. R.L. Thornton
17. D.R. Sheffield
18. John Connally
19. Joe Yarborough bro of Ralph
20. W.L Bankston sp?
21. W.O.  ?
22. Clint Peeples, US Marshall, Texas Ranger killed before verifying this list
23. Bill Dicker sheriff of Dallas County
24, Cliff Carter (friend of Billy Sol Estes) she says he was a mafia connection
25. Malcom Mike. Wallace (LBJ's hitman)  she says he was the best of shooters
26. Carlos Marcello  Head of New Orleans Mafia
27. Joe Civilla? Cebello?  head of Texas mafia she says
27. Larry Campbell Hoffa’s rep
28. Society editor Dallas newspaper was at the party
29. Charlene Pauling                          
30. Gordon McClendon 
31. Dick ?
32. Bob Newberry
33. Helen Thomas made an affadavit about this party
34. Cactus Pryor
35. Neils Phil  Reporter
36. Jess Kellam?
     Helen Thomas affadavit the day after the killing filed the document and it confirmed Helen Thomas on the meeting at Murchison's


 MacKinzie, Rod was in Dallas and says these shooting teams were on the scene.
Command area on the second floor of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD):
Cliff Carter, Carlos Marcello, Jack Rubenstein, George Reese;
In the alley behind the fence and above the so-called Grassy Knoll:
Clyde Foust, John Ernst, Jack Grimm, Joseph P. Dugan;
Under the bridge in case the president was not shot, and above the railroad area (these people were never used):
Charles Harrelson, Percy Chauncy Holt, Charles Frederick Rogers, a man called “Dimitri” from ACCC;
Roof of the County Records Building:
Harry Weatherford, Roger Craig, Richard Scalzetti, Michael Victor Mertz;
Sixth floor of the TSBD in the nest and other setup areas:
Ruth Ann Martinez, Lee Harvey Oswald (under a spell according to Mac), Mac Wallace, Lawrence Loy Factor;
The Dal-Tex Building (the team was supposed to be on top but had problems):
Eugene Hale Brading, Frank Fiorelli (Sturgis), Raphael “Chi Chi” Quintero, Richard Cain

Sarti, Lucien
well-known Corsican hit man, worked for Auguste Joseph Ricord, Nazi collaborator and heroin smuggler.

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