The Oswald Dilemma  Dividing reality into black-and-white is not always helpful but the mystery of Lee Harvey Oswald has made it necessary.
     On one hand there are people who are convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald planned and executed the assassination (and killing of Tippet) all on his own and with no assistance. That is the white of it. Case closed.
     There are others--on the black side--such as I who ask why then
keep official records sealed? If LHO worked for the CIA and went a little nuts and became a killer it would of course be a stain on the agency but no heads would roll. Or maybe LHO also worked for the FBI. Better just secret and seal the government's documents and let the matter rest for a while.
     Personally I have come to believe that the conspiracy involved so many people and interests that on first look it is overwhelming. After many years of resisting I now think it probable that LBJ and Nixon and the Bushes were active participants in the plot and coverup.                 --Doyle Phillips  Guanajuato, Mexico 2013


To show the depth of my belief that Oswald was set up, here's a "letter" from Oswald's CIA handler--entirely conceived and cooked up by me:

22 October 1963
George Joannides  New Orleans


Dear Lee:
Many others and I want to thank you (and Jack too) for your brilliant idea as to how we can accomplish the mission. The Depository access is a great stroke of good luck. With your help at your workplace an important element can now be relied on. Thanks for giving M and me the "tour" last week.
     As always in this kind of operation I am bound to say little but be assured that the wheels are in motion to make it almost certain that Dallas will be on the schedule of events sometime in November.
    David is hereby delivering to Jack a .38 as a gift to you. Jack will convey it to you.
  The rifle is another matter and David will give it to you directly. Even though you used it for some fine target shooting last week we consider that the risk is too great for you to be involved in the big event. The rifle has been cleared of all prints that you may have left on it. DO NOT TOUCH THE RIFLE BUT LEAVE IT IN THE WRAPPING.
   You will be notified as to the day when you should bring it to the sixth floor. I know you don't need to be reminded but make sure all windows on the floor operate smoothly in case we have to change positions for any reason. The elevator must be inoperable for the time we discussed. And again, much thanks.
     On the day of the big event at a designated time M will tell you to leave the sixth floor for another part of the building so that you are well away from the scene of activity. As soon as you can do so without notice you should leave the building and make your way to the movie theater that you showed us. David or someone else I will name will meet you there. It may be Jack who meets you but such contact will be arranged later and you will be notified.
      The next day after the event call your boss to tell him that you are not feeling well. It will be best if for a couple of days you can't be found. No need to pack a bag we have a safe place at the ready in Dallas.


Sincerely, George